Carpenter’s Wheel #7

Carpenter's Wheel #7
Carpenter’s Wheel #7

Yes, this is block #7 of the ‘test’ blocks. Apparently, I have a lot of testing in me and can’t stop.

I think that I am making a quilt. I can’t imagine piecing all of these pieces and then giving the blocks away or something. I guess I am making a quilt.

The patches for this particular block were on the wall for a long time. Some of it was that I was away from my machine for various travel and some of it was that I was sewing other things when I did have time. I fiddled with the layout quite a bit until I decided to go with what I had and began sewing.

There are colors, and similar colors that are near each other in this version. I decided to be ok with that. There are no hues that look so much alike as to muck up the design. In the grand scheme, I think it will be great.

I washed a bunch of low volume prints and am ready to lay out the next block.