Fabric of the Year 2015 Layout Continues

FOTY 2015 - Layout 4/17/2016
FOTY 2015 – Layout 4/17/2016

I achieved my goal of getting all of the patches onto the wall last Sunday. I was also able to start rearranging the patches into their final positions. To be honest I have about 5 patches that will not make it on to the front of the quilt. They will have to go on the back. Normally, I wouldn’t do that, and I don’t really like it, but I would have to cut about 22 additional patches in order to fit them into the quilt. I think putting 5 on the back is the lesser of two challenges. Also, the process is evolving and I am thinking of this as evolution.

As per usual, there are patches that are not in the right place. Moving the left side around gave me the advantage of putting that section into better, not perfect, but better, shape than it would be normally.

If you have ever tried to blend (gradate? Colorwash?) commercial fabrics into each, you will know it is not an easy task. It is a struggle and I am at the point where I wonder why I do it. Still, I see the value and will continue on.

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10 thoughts on “Fabric of the Year 2015 Layout Continues”

  1. I appreciate all of the work you put into these because I tend to store my larger pieces of fabric in color order, if you will, and it is a real challenge. I cannot imagine getting these quilts just right!

    But you do and they are beautiful and different and amazing every time!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate the support. It is definitely a good exercise. I do look forward to it and am also glad when I finish. I usually end up with a lovely quilt. 😉

  2. I love so much how this looks. It’s like an abstract expressionist painting. Do the FOTY quilts always end up so painterly? I can’t remember one from the past that’s made the same impression on me.

    1. I made one with blocks that I don’t think was as painterly. It might be the location from which I am photographing, which is farther back this year than last. I try to make all the colors blend into each other so they do all give the impression of a painting. This year’s was difficult as the colors all seemed to be a bit off. Perhaps I am expanding my horizons on fabric purchases or colors?

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