Food Quilt #3: Cutting

Food Quilt fabrics -cut
Food Quilt fabrics -cut

Yes, I am making another Food Quilt. I kind of like the food prints and Disappearing 9 Patch is a good way to use them.  Food quilts are also good for boys as I have probably said 1,000 times before. I should revise it to “I can make a boy quilt quickly without much thinking.

I had a lot of food fabric left, so it really was a no brainer. I had thought to have it done by now, but I kept avoiding the cutting.

I took my machine in for service before I left for Grand Parlor and wasn’t expecting it to be back until Monday or Tuesday so I planned to accomplish a lot of cutting tasks. One of those was the blue fabrics for the center of the 9 patches for this quilt.

Yay! Got that done.

In the process of cutting the blues, I realized that I had either lost the blacks that will be in the center outside positions in each block or hadn’t cut them. I cut those pieces as well and am now ready to piece. I might need to cut some more pieces for the piano key border. Regardless, leaders and enders, here I come.

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5 thoughts on “Food Quilt #3: Cutting”

  1. Oh, the dreaded cutting 🙂 At least you have it done! I have to unexpectedly leave for the weekend and I have nothing cut to take with me… At leastbI somewhat cleaned up my sewing room a week ago. Looking forward to seeing how the D9P-s turn out with these fabrics!

    1. Oh! I feel for you with no handwork. Horrors! Perhaps hexie papers and mini charms?

      Your sewing room will be ready for you when you return. You can dream about fabric while you are away.

        1. I make my own pre-cuts as I wash and iron fabric. I cut various pieces and then I have a ‘parts department” to choose from later. 😉

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