FOTY 2015 – Still Chunking

FOTY 2015 - big chunks
FOTY 2015 – big chunks

I made some progress on getting FOTY 2015 sewn together.

I have big chunks, so ~6 seams and I am done.

Sort of.

I have some problem areas that need partial seams or something. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Partial seams is the best I can do now, but how is the challenge.

Light area problem child
Light area problem child

Problem area #1

I think you will have to enlarge the photo (there still may be a problem with enlarging the photos. Sorry, if that is the case; I am working on it) to see that yellow that lines up nicely with the top chunk.

It doesn’t line up with the bottom chunk.

Blue area problem child
Blue area problem child

Blue Area Problem child #2

This area is a little more difficult. There are more pieces that are problematic and there are more of them.

None of this is mission critical. I will get through it and it won’t be a huge drama. It feels dramatic at this moment. Tomorrow is a new day and things will look different.

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4 thoughts on “FOTY 2015 – Still Chunking”

  1. No, I can’t enlarge the photos, but I see what you’re talking about. I really like this year’s FOTY piece. I think maybe the colors are very saturated. Something cheerful about it!

    1. Nobody can enlarge the photos, so you are not alone. Very frustrating! Thanks! I am glad it is coming across as cheerful. I am much more of a pink and turquoise person than a brown and beige person, which tend to be less cheerful than pink and turquoise. Thanks for reading!

    1. I have just been lazy in sewing the pieces together. It isn’t really difficult. Long straight lines are easier. I’ll get to it before Sunday, I think. I hope anyway.

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