Heart Bag

Heart Bag front
Heart Bag front

I don’t know why I agreed to make this bag. Actually, it was my idea to make the bag and DH agreed. I suggested it, started making it and after the cutting, the sewing just became one problem after another.

I stopped because I was tired and haven’t gotten back to it since Sunday. I will because I feel better about it now. Also, I want to make this bag as a gift and it has been awhile since I made one, so I need a refresher.

I am actually not sure which one I made last, but I think it was the Candy Tote with Flowers. I love the stripes and flowers I used on that tote. I can’t remember who received that one. It could have been the clear one. Both were made in 2009 and I can’t find any more versions after that. 6 years! WOW.

Anyway, back to the Heart tote. I have to take the strap off the side above as I put it on wrong. Somehow I got it twisted even though I was trying to be careful. Exhaustion, I think.

I dug out that heart batik, which is the only heart fabric I have left. It isn’t as sweet as some and I like it, but I am glad to use it as well.

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    1. I took the strap off and after the break, the sewing went much better. I need to refrain from machine sewing (and decision making) when I am tired. Another lesson to learn. 😉

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