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I can remember riding along with my parents in the car on some trip or other looking out the car window at the variety of colors on the hills, as we traveled through forests and in the reflections of lakes. I often think that some scene appears, for example, green, but when closely examined is really a variety of greens.

Greens Palette
Greens Palette

I saw this patch of greens (in the salad sense, since I don’t know exactly what kind of greens they are) and I was very interested in what came up in the Palette Builder.

When I look with my eyes, I see a lot of light purple or lavender. I know others would see different colors. The technology is certainly not perfect and limited to the colors available in fabric. I love playing around with it.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “Color Palette Friday”

  1. I wish you could get about 10 colors in the Palette Builder. I’d have to have more greens. Sometimes when I use it, I just need one or two more colors. I really like this palette which is very different from my usual picks. I wonder if that is some kind of exotic lettuce. I’ve seen something like that at the store before and I’m pretty sure it is if I remember correctly.

    1. I think the lettuce is something like arugula, but not quite. It was clearly growing as food.

      I agree that the Palette Builder doesn’t have enough colors to mimic nature or suite my tastes. Still, I can do multiple palettes with the same picture (moving the circles around) and that is good. I love this tool and am so glad it is available.

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