Peacock Details

The Peacock "border" details
The Peacock “border” details

As I mentioned the other day, I was able to piece in some of the small blocks.

It isn’t a very linear or straightforward process and there is a lot of fiddling that goes on.

One issue I am having is with measurements. I know each row is 3.5″ wide, so I have cut solids + seam allowance to make up that size with the small blocks. I still run short and have to add other pieces of fabric. I do like the texture the added seams give the piece. However, it is still annoying. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

The Peacock "border" detail
The Peacock “border” detail

I didn’t put a small block on the end of the bottom (first) row and am kind of regretting that. I have a lot of small blocks I want to use and may need to go back and add one. However, the top right hand corner background area is pretty blank and may need some mall blocks there to lighten it up.

You can see the not all of the row ends are sewn on the right side. I am leaving the design open to add more small blocks. I didn’t do that on the left and may need to add some additional yardage to the ends. We’ll see. It may be that I concentrate the small blocks on the top and right.

I am adding different colored solids that kind of match the colors of the print fabrics on the edges and to fill in the background. I bought some solids from the line of fabric, but I have others that go with the fabrics as well. the shiny green solid you see above is one of the first fabrics I bought when I made my first quilt. I have been keeping it all this time and I think it is the right color for this piece.

I bought a lot of black with the intention of using black for the entire background. While I need to drape a piece of black up on the right-top, I decided that it will probably make the quilt too depressing. I am also thinking of using a variety of solids.

The dark blues at the top are ok, but the lavender might be too light.

The Peacock - in process, October 2016
The Peacock – in process, October 2016

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  1. This is beautiful and intriguing, but I am so glad you are assembling it instead of me! I agree with you that the seaming adds interest. I think the lavender is okay if you transition to it. Soldier on!

  2. I really like that lavender, how about using it for background in that corner instead of the black? It’s looking so great, fun to see how it all goes together since I got to watch you cut it out in the beginning.

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