Lichen Scarf To Be

Lichen Yarn wound
Lichen Yarn wound

I know the Nighthawk Scarf was barely cold in the box of gifts when I went and bought more yarn. There are not many yarn shops near me, so I have to take advantage when I can.

There is one near my hairdresser and since I was getting a cut, I stopped and bought yarn as well.

I bought two skeins of the yarn shown, which is Madeleine Tosh Lichen. The person receiving this scarf-to-be likes dark green. I couldn’t find an all dark green skein, so this is what she is getting. I am not a huge green fan, so the purple and grey will relieve me a little bit.

This is knit on size 6 needles, but I cast on to size 7s and then purl on to the size 6s to keep the curve from developing, like on the Nighthawk scarf. I really wanted to get started, but forgot my size 6 needles, so I haven’t gotten to it yet.  Soon.

I was tempted to buy two additional skeins as well, but resisted. I really don’t want to start a yarn stash. I have a fabric stash and that is my limit.

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4 thoughts on “Lichen Scarf To Be”

  1. Very pretty colors. And of COURSE getting yarn because you were getting your hair done, makes perfect sense! 🙂
    I keep telling myself to not buy yarn too. I have fabric. So far, I have been able to limit myself to a medium plastic tote and a footstool that opens for storage. I won’t buy more. No. NO-NO-NO-NO-NO….well maybe ONE wee skein?


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