Ta Dots and Stripes Top Finished!

Ta Dots & Stripes Top finished
Ta Dots & Stripes Top finished

The Ta Dots and Stripes quilt top and back are finished and with Colleen ready for quilting.

As I said, this was going to be a donation quilt. It turned out to be much more appealing, though still an eye bender, than I thought so it will go to one of the nephews.

It is on the small size – about 45×60. I wanted a border to contain the chaos and make it a little bigger. I tried some fabric, but my IG peanut gallery nixed the idea and I had to agree. I couldn’t find a fabric print that worked and a solid was be too flat.

Ta Dots & Stripes Top - trying out borders
Ta Dots & Stripes Top – trying out borders

I tried a grey dot, which was ok, but not great. I like the fabric, but it just didn’t work with the activity of the quilt. So, no border.


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