Another Spiky 16 Patch

Spiky 16 Patch n.7
Spiky 16 Patch n.7

In between all that sewing for the Octagon 9 Patch, I made a few 16 patches and another Spiky 16 Patch. The center 16 patch is actually one of the 16 patches I made. Instead of putting in the pile and taking one of the centers I intended for the Spiky blocks, I just started adding bias rectangles to it.

I won’t be able to make anymore of these until I make some more of the left facing HRTs. I am almost all out and I always forget to make them.

Now I have three blocks for this donation quilt. I am thinking 4 or 5 blocks will make something nice. I want to set it a big asymmetrically like the giant Sawtooth Star quilts I made. I’ll have to play around as these 16″ blocks are larger than the Sawtooth Stars.

Author: JayeL

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    1. Yes, I saw it at PIQF and have been slowly trying to figure it out. The HRTs are not as easy to make in quantity as the HSTs. I keep trying to do different things with the 16 patches. We make those in vast quantities for our guild charity project. Putting them together in a straight set gets boring. It is a fun challenge to try to find something interesting to do with them. I suppose the options are endless if you consider replacing a square with a 16 patch.

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