June Donation Blocks

Yes, I am behind in reporting on June. Life is busy and I am heading to a week long quilt retreat with Friend Julie, so I am preparing to have a whole bunch of posts for you to peruse.

It is fun to see all the different blocks I make. I like remembering where the fabric came from and what I used it for.

Donation Blocks turned in at June meeting
Donation Blocks turned in at June meeting

The group of blocks are the blocks I turned in at the June meeting. I know you have seen all of these blocks before, but I thought it would be great to show all of them together.

My donation block production has slowed as my work schedule has ramped up. I am spending less time at the machine, which affects my production. Still, I have money, which is nice. Don’t worry, I am not giving up, but other guild members will have to step up and fill in the gaps.ell

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