Retreat Day 2

I didn’t sleep well after the first day of the retreat. New bed, weird noises, the usual. Nothing crazy, but I do like my good sleep.

Retreat prizes
Retreat prizes

The Retreat Committee started off the day by giving out retreat prizes. They had amazing prizes this year including a Daylight Slimline standing lamp. I really wanted that, but someone else got it.

After that I was focused on the V&Co Aurifil thread box. We get more raffle tickets when we finish things, so I got some for the charity work I did (described below).

Quilting the Sea Life quilt
Quilting the Sea Life quilt

I am almost never alone now after years of spending a lot of time working alone, so it was a novelty to be in a hotel room alone and I stayed closeted away for quite awhile on Saturday morning. After finishing my tea and writing in my journal, I had very few excuses to stay in bed, so I got up and got moving. After a big breakfast and a small walk, I got busy on quilting the Sea Life quilt-let.

Yep. I did my own quilting. I finished as much as I am going to do, quilting-wise, on it, but I do need to make and apply the binding.

The Sea Life quilt was my major activity. I was ready for some piecing, so I made a charity top and put together some 16 patches. The charity top (bottom right) blocks were made by someone else and I just put them together. Three seams and I was done. I used the charity top and blocks and to get over all that quilting on the Sea Life quilt-let.

The time has really flown by. It isn’t enough and I don’t know that I have accomplished enough. Of course, I accomplished more than I would have at home, but, still, I had hoped to accomplish much more.


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