Retreat Day 3

I slept better on the Saturday night of Retreat, but got a slow start in the morning. I ate too much the night before and my stomach was unhappy.

BAM 2018 Retreat Nametags
BAM 2018 Retreat Nametags

Helen took a lot of great photos, including one of the nametags made by the committee. Even though we weren’t asked to, everyone wore their nametags religiously throughout the retreat. As a bonus, nobody who attended the retreat has an excuse not to wear a nametag to a meeting.


MetroScape Block n.3
MetroScape Block n.3

I was still feeling like I didn’t get enough done, so I thought I would start sewing on the All Rolled Up Tote. I like the Crafty Gemini method of teaching, but the requirement to watch the videos can be inconvenient. I found it not to be conducive to a shared sewing environment so I switched to working on the next MetroScape block. This was a good call as it inspired questions about the ruler and about curved piecing.

Group Sewing
Group Sewing

People really made progress. I documented a bare sliver of the massive number of projects on which people made progress.

Bonnie made a pouch
Bonnie made a pouch

I admired Bonnie’s California poppy/quail pouch. The wide mouth pouch was a retreat project led by Theresa. I didn’t make one at the retreat, but a number of people did and they came out very well.

I shared the photo with SIL #2 and she wanted to know where the fabric came from. Bonnie and I looked at the selvedge and came up with Suzan Ellis for Northcott LL#655 State Birds California quail. I remember this line, I think. Bonnie said it was from a few years ago. I did a quick Google search and didn’t find any yardage to speak of.

One organization to which I belong would go crazy over that pouch, but I did not suggest that  she donate it to them. One thing I don’t like is when people don’t value handwork and Bonnie spent a lot of time on it so I don’t think she should donate it. I do think that she should join the NDGW and I proposed it.

Nicki showed off her dual merit hexie and 9Patch challenge piece. There was a lot of well deserved praise. She is using her 2017 merit hexies to embellish her 9 patch challenge. It is wonderful to see all the different ways that people are using their merit hexies. Very different from mine.

Mary's quilt
Mary’s quilt

Mary finished the top for her linking-design quilt. I know that quilt is a pattern with a name, but I don’t know what it is. Except for the half blocks on the side, it is a very effective design. She picked great colors as well.

You can also see the BAM merit sash. Every year there is some kind of hat or sash that people get to embellish and wear after finishing a project. This is in addition to the extra raffle tickets we get for finishes.

Gerre's donation top
Gerre’s donation top

Donation tops get 4 extra raffle tickets. Gerre put a top together and received more tickets. The top she put together is similar to the one that I put together.

The blocks are from kits put together by Peggy and Michelle and were fairly easy. I think the tops are too small, but Peggy assures me that they are a great NICU size. I know I feel the way I do, because the quilts I make are large. Even my small quilts are large.

Sarah's quilt
Sarah’s quilt

Sarah, the famous Sarah of Planned Improv fame, finished putting together another stellar quilt. Why do I like other people’s quilts better than my own?

BAM 2018 Retreat Group Photo
BAM 2018 Retreat Group Photo

We were able to take a group photo to memorialize the event. It was a great time and I am glad I was able to attend.

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      1. Yes they do. They call it AWOL…that means something like Arkansas women on the loose. They do it once a year at a local center where they can spend the weekend or just come during the daytimes.. I’ve never been though. It sounds like they have a wonderful time but I can’t afford the private rooms and am so terribly shy among others.

        1. We have a commuter option, so people can just come for the day. This accommodates people with elder care and childcare and pet care issues as well as the two people who live on the same block. I think you should step out of your fear and try it, if they will accommodate the commuter option. You can always leave if it is really uncomfortable.

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