MetroScape Top Complete

I came home from my trip on Sunday evening. It was actually the second trip in a week, but I was only home for about 12 hours between trips and much of that was spent sleeping, so I hadn’t done any sewing for over 10 days except some EPP in the car.

MetroScape Top - complete
MetroScape Top – complete

Monday was a holiday and DH was home. I had to do some work, but I pretended for most of the day that it was Sunday. I chatted with my mom on the phone while I ironed a ton of fabric. I also worked on some donation blocks and put the MetroScape top together.

Yep. All those blocks are now a top! I am really pleased with the way it looks. I am just trying to decide about a border. I like I like it as is, but we will see.

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4 thoughts on “MetroScape Top Complete”

  1. I think this is a fun quilt. When I look at the larger picture, it feels like my eyes want to find a place to rest. I’m no artist so please don’t take that as a criticism. I don’t know exactly what it takes to create that restful place but it would be an interesting technique to learn about if you have anything you can share on the subject. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

    1. Thanks for reading and for commenting, Lana. You are correct in that there is a lot going on! I kind of wanted it to be that way. I find that there is enough whitespace for me, but it is interesting to hear different thoughts on the piece. I’d love to hear from others. I haven’t finished the back yet, but am making slow progress.

  2. I feel my eye can rest in different locations because each circle is the same colour , so I go to the coral, then a green , then a blue. I like the proportion of white space. It’s clean, crisp but interesting. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that block before.

    1. The block is made using the Quick Curves Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful. I think the block is very interesting and the directions for using the ruler for this pattern are quite good. Thanks for reading and for your kind words.

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