Gift Post #5: Apron n.3

Beth's apron - urban chic
Beth’s apron – urban chic

This is the urban chic + Football crazy version of the Flapper Apron. It is for DH’s youngest sister and I know she will love the Cal side. The urban chic side was hard to choose, so I picked something that I liked and thought had a good chance of being on target. I bought the Marsha Derst fabric in Portland at Pioneer Quilts.

I am not sure which side will be the front. I wear an apron often when I am working in the kitchen and I tend to always wear the same side as the outside.

Beth's apron - Cal side
Beth’s apron – Cal side

I have to say that I was annoyed with this pattern when I first started finishing up this project, but as I finished them up, I started thinking of making two more – one for another friend and another for myself.

One thing about this pattern is challenges with directional fabric. I couldn’t make the fabric line up properly to be read horizontally while it was being worn. It can still be read, so I am not too worried, but it would have been nice. Perhaps the slightly off kilter nature of it will look edgy?

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2 thoughts on “Gift Post #5: Apron n.3”

  1. I am loving these aprons, and the Urban chic fabric is terrific. Sadly, I really don’t need another apron, I need to train myself to wear the ones I have.

  2. I have been good about wearing aprons. I especially wear them when using flour or if I am making something that splatters. Shockingly my clothes stay much cleaner. 😉 They make great gifts and I wonder how they would do in your Etsy shop? I have a few, but mostly wear one. It is not a favorite, so I am about to make myself one of these.

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