Green Thing Continues

Green Thing Donation Top or Block
Green Thing Donation Top or Block

I don’t know what this will be – block or quilt. I started it because I had some leftovers from the Green Strip donation quilt.

I thought I would just make a block, hand it over to Peggy and see what she could do with it. Somehow, it is has grown into this. It is about 22 x 22 inches now and I might as well just keep on using those green scraps to make it into a top. Another 10 inches on each side will not be difficult. I might even have enough scraps.

I am almost done with another row of small strips for the right side, which will add about 4 inches to it. I grab strips or pieces out of the green bin, sew them together into some kind of strip and attach it when it is long enough. I had some plainer strips leftover from the back of the Green Strip donation quilt and have been adding those as well.

There are a lot of small pieces so I am worried about the quilting (which I won’t be doing!) I am trying to reduce bulk by pressing all the seams open, which is a big pain.

If nothing else, this is a great way to get rid of scraps. It isn’t doing anything for my collection of donation blocks, however. Tim saw the photo I posted and said that it was much more interesting than the regular postage stamp blocks the guild normally makes. Perhaps I am just branching out and using some different inspiration to create beauty for others in need? I haven’t examined my inspiration much beyond wanting to use up scraps.

Author: JayeL

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