Finished: Metroscape

Metroscape - finished
Metroscape – finished

I finished Metroscape a few weeks ago. I didn’t post it sooner because I just had the chance to snap a photo before I took it to guild last week.

I am still pleased with it and was encouraged to enter it into the fair, which means adding a rod pocket. I don’t have much else to add so I just might. It will, at least, impress a few people because of the curves. The machine quilted category is a tough one, but with the curves and the bold fabrics, this one might have a chance to win.

Metroscape back - finished
Metroscape back – finished

What this quilt makes me think about now is what to do next with the Quick Curve Rulers.

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8 thoughts on “Finished: Metroscape”

  1. I have only done one quick curve pattern and I was new to quilting, but I did not do very well with the curve. Do you have any tips for me?

    1. The ruler took some time to get used to. My first blocks were a challenge, but once I settled in the trimming made everything go together well. Having basic skills is very important as I don’t think this is a beginner project. Take a look at some of my sampler tutorials; they might help you build your skills. Also, don’t give up! Try again.

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