Heading to the Finish Line

24 Red Strip donation blocks for second red quilt
24 Red Strip donation blocks for second red quilt

I am heading to the finish line making blocks for the second Red Strip Donation Quilt, but it is painful. The other day I had 7 left to make and I still have 1 left to finish. It is almost done. Maddeningly, it needs a very small strip on the top or bottom to make it the right size. ERGH!

I thought I would be able to finish by the meeting, but I doubt it now. Fortunately, there is no deadline except in my head.

Author: JayeL

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

2 thoughts on “Heading to the Finish Line”

  1. My guild meets this coming Monday. This morning I walked past the pile of quilts I have to quilt. I know that after my meeting, I will be inspired to get some of those done! lol I’ve said in the past that you’ve inspired me too. I’ve gotten several ideas from you that I will incorporate this summer as I dig into my scraps and combine them with the Accuquilter I got for Christmas. I love the idea of using all of one color way to make some donation quilts! This year is my year to make all the donation quilts I can for a local women and children shelter that our guild has reached out to. Thanks, as always Jaye, for your inspirations and ideas, and posting so much in your blog!

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