Heading to the Finish Line

24 Red Strip donation blocks for second red quilt
24 Red Strip donation blocks for second red quilt

I am heading to the finish line making blocks for the second Red Strip Donation Quilt, but it is painful. The other day I had 7 left to make and I still have 1 left to finish. It is almost done. Maddeningly, it needs a very small strip on the top or bottom to make it the right size. ERGH!

I thought I would be able to finish by the meeting, but I doubt it now. Fortunately, there is no deadline except in my head.

Author: JayeL

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2 thoughts on “Heading to the Finish Line”

  1. My guild meets this coming Monday. This morning I walked past the pile of quilts I have to quilt. I know that after my meeting, I will be inspired to get some of those done! lol I’ve said in the past that you’ve inspired me too. I’ve gotten several ideas from you that I will incorporate this summer as I dig into my scraps and combine them with the Accuquilter I got for Christmas. I love the idea of using all of one color way to make some donation quilts! This year is my year to make all the donation quilts I can for a local women and children shelter that our guild has reached out to. Thanks, as always Jaye, for your inspirations and ideas, and posting so much in your blog!

    1. You are so kind. Your comment really warms my heart. I try to do my best work on donation quilts, but I also use it as a place to experiment and play.

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