Finished: Batik Chubby Charmer

Finished: Batik Chubby Charmer
Finished: Batik Chubby Charmer

I finally finished the Chubby Charmer I started making for myself a few weeks ago. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I started filling it with supplies for the Jelly Roll Rug class almost as soon as I had finished with it.

Finished: Batik Chubby Charmer
Finished: Batik Chubby Charmer

I used a violet batik for the handles and I am pleased with the choice.

I also did a few different things with the inside pockets. I didn’t make smaller pockets or slip zipper pockets. I even forgot to add Shapeflex to the pockets, but I did add a lobster clasp and a special pen holder.


All Rolled Up Tote - pouches (back)
All Rolled Up Tote – pouches (back)

My idea for the pockets had to do with the pouches I discussed when I made the All Rolled Up Tote. Yes, there is no D-ring like I discussed, but I didn’t have a D-ring that would fit with the lobster clip. I have a lot of those lobster clips. I will need to get some D-rings to go with them, but at this point I thought a lobster clip could still be clipped to a lobster clip.

Looking at the pictures now, I might just make a pouch to go with this Chubby Charmer as well.


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2 thoughts on “Finished: Batik Chubby Charmer”

  1. You have always inspired me to try new things and I’ve enjoyed seeing the different bags and accessories you’ve made. Because of you, I am going to try the Koda Cross Boda Bag. It is a free pattern and has two zippers! I sometimes think “zippers” is as bad a word as “appliqué” in the sewing world. hahahaha
    As always, thanks for your blog and continuing inspirations.

    1. Definitely check out the Crafty Gemini videos. She has some free videos and I think there is one about zippers. Don’t be afraid of zippers! I don’t even use a zipper foot anymore. 😉

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