One Long Seam

I sewed one seam on Saturday.

First Step in Sewing the Jelly Roll Rug
First Step in Sewing the Jelly Roll Rug

Sew Day was Saturday and I went with the Jelly Roll long strip batting and 4 wound bobbins in my bag.

Amy and I pretty much got to it as soon as we got set up. She is making the rectangular rug and I am making the oval version.

Jelly Roll Rug strip-ready to sew
Jelly Roll Rug strip-ready to sew

Since I already had my strips sewn together, I started closing up the jelly roll’s seam. It took me several hours to make headway and I didn’t even finish that one step. I had grand illusions of getting the whole rug finished because I had sewn my strips together. HA!

This is not a difficult project. It is slightly tedious, but great for Sew Day because I could easily talk and sew and not make mistakes.

I used up one whole bobbin already. One seam one bobbin. It’s crazy since I am not even finished with that seam.

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