Sewing Antiques

On our way back from the North Coast, we stopped in Santa Rosa for lunch and a peek at the antique shops. We are looking for ‘new’ dining room chairs.

I saw 2 or 3 Featherweights. One was only $125, but it was such a hideous (1970s cafeteria green) green, I didn’t want to buy it.

Antique Fan Quilt
Antique Fan Quilt

I saw a fan quilt that was pretty, if a little old fashioned. I especially liked the border, which was curved – kind of large scallops – to mimic the fans.

The pink quilt behind the fan had appliqued figures. I think they might have been storybook characters, but I didn’t recognize any of them.

Both quilts could have been tops that were recently quilted. I didn’t look that closely while I was in the shop.

Antique 'Toy' Sewing Machine
Antique ‘Toy’ Sewing Machine

I also saw a small sewing machines. I know these are collectible, but I do not have a collection of them, nor do I know anyone who does.

We did not find chairs and it was a fun interlude after being in the car for several hours.

Author: JayeL

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2 thoughts on “Sewing Antiques”

  1. That pink quilt looks a bit like the cartoons made for a short while, that featured Troll Dolls. I love the scalloped edges on the older quilts. I should make my next one that way. You don’t see that hardly ever, anymore.

  2. I never saw Troll Dolls wearing hats like that, but you could be right. Perhaps an iron-on embroidery pattern with some added applique’? I also like scalloped edges and would love to see a modern take on it. I keep thinking about rounded corners simply because, then, I don’t have to miter a binding (HA!), but it is a look and I haven’t found a quilt on which it would look right.

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