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Frolic! block
Frolic! block

Frolic!, or what there is of it, has been on my design wall since earlier this month. I said then that I didn’t want it to become another UFO, but I didn’t made any progress. I don’t want it to become a UFO, so I worked on it over the weekend.

I determined that I needed to start piecing in order to get interested in it again. I haven’t finished Clue 4 (still!). I don’t want that lack to drag me down.

I thought I would start from the corner and cut and piece as I went along, chunking the top together. The corners are a conundrum and I left them off after awhile and worked on the blocks. You can see that my progress doesn’t look like much, but it feels like progress. I am still contemplating a straight set.

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4 thoughts on “Back to Frolicking!”

  1. I love your colors. I am glad I didn’t do Frolic. Bonnie’s quilts are awesome but sometimes I get tired of the piecing. I’ve done two so far and am not sure I will do another one. That said, I am enjoying watching your progress and empathizing with how long it can seem to take before the pattern comes to life. 🙂

    1. I realized as I was working on the piecing over the weekend that there is a lot of piecing. I, then, remember En Provence, which also had a lot of piecing. I like that one better than this one and will go back to my practice of downloading the clues, but not cutting until the reveal. I like the colors and what I have done, but probably wouldn’t have started if I had waited until the reveal.

  2. I totally agree with what you’ve said. I have a baggie full, stuffed FULL of triangle pairs from the last one I did. I was somewhat following the color choices she had too, but mine looks very Christmassy. Not her fault, but I think I have always been disappointed in mystery quilts at the end. I am doing one now, but I already know how it looks when completed. I guess it really isn’t a mystery quilt then. hahaha Seeing the total layout though, has made color and fabric choices easier. The clues are still released on a weekly basis too, so it is somewhat mysterious.
    One other note, I will not do a quilt by the designer I am following right now, again. She obviously used a program like EQ7. There are a lot of weird measurements like 7/8’s and such. She also does not aim for accuracy because all the parts are made and cut down to size to be sure they match. She is also using thin borders to go around each section, in case minor adjustments need to be made. That goes against my grain somewhat.
    Ok, I have talked too much. lol

    1. You never talk too much!!! I am going back and forth on this project about finishing it the way she says or going my own way. My own way might be boring, but there is so much piecing! I feel like I am never going to get done. Still, I look back at En Provence and see that I pieced for months. Sigh.

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