Frolic! Progress Again

I spent another day Sunday, ostensibly sealing the fate of the cold I felt coming on, but really sewing. I did stay home in order to make sure I didn’t get sick. It was a great time to sew. I thought I would get as much done as I felt I had done on Saturday. It wasn’t to be.

I feel like I sewed as much, but I can’t see the progress. The progress isn’t as dramatic and I wanted visible progress.

After my efforts on Friday night and Saturday, I was hopeful that I would get the blocks done on Sunday. I had to make space on my design wall. I would gain space as the seams shrank the blocks together. That required sewing, so I got down to it. I forgot how much piecing Bonnie Hunter‘s quilt patterns require. I really did make progress. If you compare the two photos, they look similar at first glance, but do show the progress.

Frolic! - end of February 2020
Frolic! – end of February 2020

Work finished Sunday:

Frolic! - early March
Frolic! – early March

I also know I am on the brink of really having my progress show up.

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