Pandemic Tile

For the first time during the pandemic, I ordered take-out online, went and got and took it to a friend’s house where we ate on their deck. I had a specific time I had to pick up the food. I left the house, ran some errands and then went to the restaurant. I was 15 minutes early. The neighborhood has a lot of nice shops so I decided to just walk around for a few minutes and then go get my food. It was interesting to read all the pandemic related signs with different rules about accessing their store (order online with curbside pickup, temperature check, physical distancing – you name it, I saw it). I also saw a lot of people out and about with a variety of masks. There are more people wearing fabric masks than the small blue pleated paper masks. I was less anxious about being out than I have been, but some people wouldn’t stay away from me.  That was anxiety provoking.

IOOF Doorstep, Burlingame
IOOF Doorstep, Burlingame

I also saw some tile. It was on the doorstep of the IOOF and would make a GREAT quilt.

That line at the bottom could be one of 3-4 columns in a quilt. It looks a little like bargello. The squares are clear enough so that I could make a pattern without very much problem. I don’t think I have seen a design like that before. It is pretty distinct.

I was disappointed that whoever is the tenant can’t be bothered to clean the tile.

IOOF Doorstep, Burlingame - corner
IOOF Doorstep, Burlingame – corner

The corners would make interesting blocks as well. The black and white diagonal line would make an awesome secondary pattern.

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    1. One of the things I love about having a camera with me all the time is that I can take photos of things I like…or things that inspire me. I love tile patterns!

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