Amy’s Seaside Table Runner – Quilted

As I mentioned, I cut out two sets of diamonds to make two Seaside table runners. Last week I sewed together my table runner and basted it. On Saturday, I worked on the second one, which will be for Amy as a thank you for loaning me the rulers.

One of the things I did was use the Rotary Even Foot for some of the quilting. Although, it didn’t work very well for the binding, I think it worked pretty well for the quilting I did, so I plan to try it on my version of this pattern.

Amy's Seaside Table Runner quilted
Amy’s Seaside Table Runner quilted

Once the rows were finished, I decided I would quilt the piece as I sewed the rows together. It took me a good portion of the day Monday to put the thing together, but once all the rows were together, it was quilted as well. Bonus!

After I took this picture, I trimmed it, made the binding and started binding it. I used a 2″ binding, which is pretty slim, but is working.