Basting the Seaside Table Runner

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon

I basted my Seaside table runner over the weekend TWICE!

Yes, I did wall basting the first time hoping I wouldn’t have to crawl around on the floor. Then I went to show my fabulous basting job and found that the back was not flat. I wanted to believe it would be okay, but I knew it wouldn’t. I decided to do it over again.

Seaside table runner - basted
Seaside table runner – basted

We are setting up for a new puzzle and needed to bring our folding table into the living room. Before I dragged it upstairs, I set it up downstairs and basted.

Now I just have to quilt it. I plan to do some simple quilting, but you never know with me. I might lose my mind.