SVG Cotton Candy Pouch

As I mentioned, Friend Julie cut some Cotton Candy Pouch pieces out for me with her Cricut. I pulled them out over the weekend with the intention of starting to sew them together. I have to wait to finish until my zipper order arrives, but I thought I could, at least make a start.

Cotton Candy Pouch cut from SVG files
Cotton Candy Pouch cut from SVG files

I was super pleased when I delved into the bag to find ALL the pieces required – Soft & Stable, SF101, everything! She is a rockstar and this work was super appreciated, because cutting is not a favorite task for me.

These were cut  before her recent adventures. She is back to sewing now, which is great. I may want her to cut more pieces for me, if I like these. Alternatively, though space is an issue, I may just buy a Cricut of my own. 😉

I sewed the Cotton Candy sides and main panels together and came up with the same problem I had when I cut out the pieces. The main panels did not line up with the sides. I feel better now about my cutting. There is no problem as I can trim the pieces after they are sewn together. I can see why this slight extra might be a feature as it gives the maker a little wiggle room.