Thinking about Machine Quilting

Tarts Come to Tea Teapot
Tarts Come to Tea Teapot

Yesterday, I taught a class on machine applique. In the course of the discussion, I brought out Down the Drain to show different examples of satin stitching. I also showed The Tarts Come to Tea.

This brought up the idea of quilting, which I tried to gloss over, but my intelligent students wanted to know why they had never seen the Tarts and I had to admit that I hadn’t completed the quilting.

I felt silly admitting that the quilt was partially quilted and languishing in a project box. Will I get back to it? Maybe. They didn’t think it was weird or out of date looking, so it might be time to get back to the quilting. I quilted Down the Drain and survived the process, so perhaps it is time to get back to it?

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  1. I think part of the problem with getting down to free motion quilting is the having to change the machine around just to do it. I know I put it off sometimes just because of that ugh of all the fiddling around. So, here’s a thought, maybe when you’re done sewing on a project, switch the machine over, get it set up for FMQ and then the next day, you can get right to practicing.

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