Refreshing Storage

Tools bucket - first pass
Tools bucket – first pass

I want everything to look good in my refreshed workroom. This is a tools bucket I use. It sits next to my sewing machine.

I thought Collage Pauge** would work. I pasted (painted??) fabric on to the outside of the bin. While the fabric was hard as a rock, the look was not ideal when it dried. It was too see through. That was not the look I wanted.

Tools bucket - blue pass
Tools bucket – blue pass

Lil Sissy suggested I mix Collage Pauge** and white paint. I didn’t have white paint so I used turquoise. It didn’t work. I should have gone and bought some white. Thus: I still don’t like it.

I am not sure what is next, but I may collage over it with some text paper. Collage Pauge** is really made for paper and covering what I have done with paper might be the best thing.










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