Finished: More Bowl Cozies

Amy's bowl cozies
Amy’s bowl cozies

At work I have a team meeting every Monday. For some reason I started to show whatever items I made over the weekend to my workmates. Now it is a regular feature of our meetings.

Amy's bowl cozies - top view
Amy’s bowl cozies – top view

After showing the bowl cozies I made for the BAM swap, a big discussion ensued about what they were, how to use them. I offered to make some for everyone, but only my boss took me up on them. I finished them yesterday.

I am really pleased with the fabric choices. I am glad she wanted red and black!

After making these using the same tutorial I used before, I am thinking of making bowl cozies as family gifts. I could make gift bags as soon as I finish the bowl cozies and I wouldn’t have to do anything in December. If I start in January it won’t be so bad. You can remind me of my big plans when I am moan about family gifts in December. 😉

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