Japanese Apron Finish

Finished: Tessuti Apron
Finished: Tessuti Apron

I started this apron in March when Maria set a challenge of everyone in the guild making an apron. She got everyone interested in Japanese apron.

I chose the Tessuti pattern, which is free. The pattern is designed so that the apron is single sided and uses linen or heavier fabrics.

I like my aprons to be reversible. I don’t really ever reverse the aprons, but I don’t like folding over and ironing hems. Also, I can use more fabric if I make them reversible. I have a lot of quilting cotton, so that is what I used.

Finished: Tessuti Apron - back
Finished: Tessuti Apron – back

My problem was that I couldn’t imagine how I would put the apron together and the pattern didn’t help, because I was doing something completely different. One of the good things about being in a guild is that there are a lot of people with a lot of different experiences. We are fortunate to have Mary C for a lot of reasons. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of garment sewing. I brought my pieces and talked to her about the project. She could immediately conceive of how to put the apron together. She talked me through it, so I was able to finish it at home the next day.

I haven’t used one of these types of aprons as an apron. I wear aprons while cooking and baking all the time. Mostly I wear the Flapper apron I made a few years ago. The big difference is Japanese aprons don’t have ties. My new headphones don’t fit very well through my Flapper apron opening, so the new Japanese apron will help me slip the apron on and off as I move between my cooking chores and other tasks.

For the moment I am not using it. I want to show it at the guild meeting in its pristine condition before I start wiping flour on it.

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