Gift #8: Boxy Clear Pouch #3

Carrie's Boxy Clear Pouch with gift bag
Carrie’s Boxy Clear Pouch with gift bag

I forgot to take pictures of Carrie’s pouch, but she kindly took some and sent them to me. You’ll get a different view from the ones I usually provide. Perhaps it will shake up my photographing a little bit.

Carries pouch
Carries pouch

In the pouch I put one of the color wheel pins I bought for gifts. I also put in one of the small Altoid tin sewing kits I made for the officers earlier this year. (see above)

I tried something different with these based on my desire to cover the ends of the zipper tape on the Inside Outside pouch. This is, however, a different bag and I ended up ripping out a lot of work when I realized it wouldn’t work. My idea of zipper tabs will work on the Inside Outside pouch, if I make it again.

Carries pouch end
Carries pouch end

Carrie was really happy with it and sent me a lovely thank you note. Don’t you love a good thank you note? I can’t wait to see how she uses it.


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