The Effects of Basting Update

Remember I talked the other day about changing the way I basted EPP pieces with bunny ears? Well, I used some of those pieces and came up with some interesting results.

EPP basting update results
EPP basting update results

Some of the pieces don’t meet.  Is this problematic? I don’t know yet, but it isn’t ideal.

I tried to stitch the edges of the pentagons together as tightly as I could to minimize the hole.

Basting Update - back
Basting Update – back

The back shows must the same. I did the pieces (shown in the photo on the right) first and hoped that when I added the second pentagon that they would end up together. No such luck.

We’ll have to see what the effect is later. For now, I think I will try to manage the bunny ears.


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4 thoughts on “The Effects of Basting Update”

  1. To make a sharp point, have you tried stitching all along one side to the tip and THEN folding the fabric over where you’ve stitched and then stitching along the other side, as needed? Your long pointy piece would end up folded over one side or the other. Not sure if this would work but that is what popped into my brain.

    1. I am not sure I understand what you mean. I baste everything first then go and sew. I could ‘unpick’ some of the basting to get a sharper point. What I was trying was to eliminate bunny ears as they get in the way when I am hand stitching. Of course, even if the bunny ears are in the way, I don’t get holes.

      1. Hard to explain…you’d baste as per usual, trimming as close as you dare to, on the points. You do not fold the points over the paper. When you join to another piece, you sew over top of that point area, putting a stitch exactly in the point ‘area’. On the underside you’d have a raw point that isn’t folded over but instead, overlaps the basted parts on the pieces next to it. I am sure you will figure out something. There’s lots of ways to fudge those sharp points. 🙂
        No matter what, I know your piece will be stunning.

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