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Remember when I went to the sock knitting class? One thing I realized is that my knitting needles were disorganized. I have two needle holder bags, but somehow they don’t fit my needles. It is sad because they are really pretty bags, made from silk. Perhaps I don’t know how to use them?

Zaudal Creates Knitting Needles Case
Zaudal Creates Knitting Needles Case

One day, I went on a rampage to find a great knitting bag. What I found was a Knitting Needle Case pattern from Zaudal Creates. It has been sitting in my “must make ASAP” pile for a few months. I took it to Sew Day to cut out. Fortunately, I had already gathered the pattern and supplies, so I was able to cut out most of the pieces.

N.B. If you are careful in your shopping, you can get two bag patterns for only slightly more money from her shop.

One of the things I like about this pattern is the snap that keeps circular needles in place. I don’t know if this bag will hold all of my needles, but I can always make a second one, if it doesn’t. Maybe one for circular needles and one for double pointed needles?

Zaudal is located in Norway, so she had references to Vilene  interfacing. I was able to find a chart created by Sara at Sew Sweetness. This chart told me that Vilene H250’s US equivalent is Pellon Decor Bond (809). I didn’t have this at Sew Day, so it was the only part I didn’t cut out.

I asked some questions about what I could use instead. I was being cheap and lazy, but eventually I went to Joann and got some Decor Bond. It is not too stiff, but it does add some stiffness to the fabrics. I cut it out and fused it to the interior and exterior of the fabrics shown above at Gerre’s house .

As a result, I am pretty much ready to sew this bag together. It is waiting its turn, which will be after I finish PP4.

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