Plaid Block Party Finished

Plaid Block Party completed - front
Plaid Block Party completed – front

I finished the binding on the Plaid Block Party last week. As I said in my last completed quilt post, handwork is somewhat delayed in the world of COVID-19. I have FOTY 2018 and the sleeve for Flying Around to complete as well.

In the meantime, I am very pleased with this quilt. I really like that Block Party block. Aside from being super easy, I think it looks great as well. I’d like to make another quilt with this pattern and have an idea of who the recipient will be.

Plaid Block Party completed - back
Plaid Block Party completed – back

My DH acted as quilt holder and didn’t quite have the wingspan to get it straight. I may not be able to get a better photo before I have to send it off to my cousin-nephew.

My goal was to use up my plaids, which, with the Plaid donation top, I have done. Yay!

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