EPPic Bag Cut-out

EPPic Cut-out
EPPic Cut-out

It has been a month or so since I cut out this bag, but I remembered I hadn’t showed you the pieces. I talked about the idea of this bag when I talked about the Everglow fabric.

I still haven’t chosen an exterior fabric. All of the fabrics shown are for the interior and the trim. One reason is I thought I might make this as a gift, but am wobbling. I cut the fabrics to suit myself, but then thought I had the A Place for Everything bag for EPP and didn’t need another one. If I give this as a fit, I would choose different fabrics for the front. Part of the reason, I haven’t worked on this is that I am in an agony of indecision. Not really, but it sounds dramatic, right?

One thing I will note is that all of the Etsy links I posted before to allow you to buy your own pattern are no longer available. Chasing Tygers has a website with videos on making the bag, which is great, but very little other information. The Etsy link is also different. I eventually went to IG and called up the Chasing Tigers account‘s linktree, where I found they are now on Payhip. Thus, you can actually buy the EPPic Case pattern. Remember to buy the bundle as you get a better deal. I suppose I should have known that nobody updates their blog or website anymore and I should have gone to IG first.

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