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Love for my Garden Cushion kit
Love for my Garden Cushion kit

I am not sure what I was thinking several months ago when I started looking at needlepoint kits. Yes, you read that right NEEDLEPOINT. I found a cushion cover design I really liked, mostly because of the turquoise background.

I didn’t buy it right away. I actually waited several months, but kept going back to it and looking it. I finally bought it last week. I haven’t started it yet as I want to finish a knitted scarf on which I am working.

Love my Garden Needlepoint project
Love my Garden Needlepoint project

I think I have to re-learn how to needlepoint as I have very little idea of what to do to follow the pattern. I am sure YouTube  has something.

The kit came with the pattern painted (or printed) on canvas. It also came with a lot of yarn. With cross stitch, I would make a card with holes and labeled with the numbers of the yarn. I would loop the yarns through the holes and have everything well organized. I don’t know if I should do that as I don’t have a chart that tells me which colors go where. I just have the canvas. I think I need to get some advice from someone who does needlepoint.

Love for my Garden Cushion kit - back
Love for my Garden Cushion kit – back

I have all of the yarn. It is all separated into these little bundles.

Cross your fingers for me. I’ll let you know when I start it.

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