Who Am I? Returns

Who Am I? September 2022
Who Am I? September 2022

While this quilt has been on my mind, I only thought about it. I didn’t actually take it out and look at it until I finished Creamsicle.Now it is on the design wall and I am thinking harder about specifics.

I need to find the notes so I can be reminded of my ideas. It has also been 4 years since I even looked at this project.

I may have worked on it since the Rosalie Dace class, but I have no notes or blog posts unless they are well hidden and unindexed.

Finished: The Lobster

The Lobster top finished
The Lobster top finished

The Lobster table runner did not take very long to finish. I struggled with the piecing of the Sawtooth Stars for some reason, but eventually got them together and was able to finish the top. As you can see, I added a border to contain the blue.

The Lobster back finished
The Lobster back finished

I also made a back and a binding and will take this piece to Colleen to quilt.

I cross this off my to do list with a great amount of glee.

Starting on the Lobster

I have had this project on my list for awhile. I show the original drawing in one post that also calls this piece part of a CQFA placemat challenge. I discussed working on it after I did some stitching. I showed it at a CQFA Art Walk. It seems that 2019 is the last time I worked on it.

The piece is small and I kept chiding myself for not just doing it. The muse, however, is a fickle mistress and she was not interested in this piece for a long time.

The Lobster with potential blocks
The Lobster with potential blocks

Finally, she allowed me a flash of inspiration and I ran with it. I have started piecing it into a table runner. I need more table runners for my buffet and I thought this would make a good one for summer. Also, I could admire my lobster more frequently.

I always like the Sawtooth Star block and thought it would work to make the table runner a little longer. I put some pinwheels inside the Sawtooth Star’s center just to make it a little more interesting.

I may add some pointed ends. We’ll see.

After the Orange Applique’

I wrote about how I really liked the way some of the bullseyes looked before I added the last circle.

The blocks above were my favorites and I was anxious that they would be ‘ruined’ when I added the other circles.

Orange You Glad faves with 3 circles
Orange You Glad faves with 3 circles

The blocks definitely look different after the last orange circles were added. I am excited that they look even better. I still lament the covering up of some of the motifs (like the flowers in the pink and blue plaid circle), but overall, I think the blocks are enhanced by the additional, small circle.

I have to trust the process.

Before the Orange Applique

After playing with the blocks a little, I am now ready to continue working on the bullseyes.

Then I looked through the bullseye blocks. Some caught my attention and I was sad to cover up the second fabrics with more circles. Still it had to be done.

The blocks above are my favorites after looking through all of them. I know that will change when I sew the last circles on.

Back to Orange

Orange You Glad stack
Orange You Glad stack

I dragged out the bag of bullseyes yesterday that had been languishing because of my travel and life. I wanted to look at them and match up the last circles, but instead I started appliqueing them to the blocks.

I did look at them all. Then, I did match up the small orange circles with the rest of the block, but I didn’t do as much looking and rearranging as I thought I would. I really just wanted to sew. I wasn’t lax, I was just faster than I thought I would be. I have never been much of an agonizer where it wasn’t necessary, especially with quiltmaking.

Orange You Glad example
Orange You Glad example

I thought I would try and finish the top and back of this quilt and take it to Colleen as well, but then (head to desk and a big DUH) I realized that I need to wait for the parts of Julie and Adrienne’s blocks before I can go farther. Not a problem! I will use this quilt to make up the second batch of quilts I plan to take to Colleen in a few weeks. I am on another finishing mission.

Julie has a Picking favorites blog post on her blocks.



Orange You Glad Piecing Near the End

Bullseye: Cutting the Last Circles
Bullseye: Cutting the Last Circles

I am waiting for my backgrounds to be returned. Julie has them finished and I will get them when we meet for lunch.

I cut these squares as I was cutting the backgrounds. I have no idea if they will work after the other two have added their stamp to my backgrounds. However, they are a start.

Orange You Glad Half & Half

Half & Half Orange You Glad
Half & Half Orange You Glad

I put the blocks I with Friend Julie’s backgrounds on the design wall so I could look at at them. I took them off, cut out the back and put the block on the ironing board to be pressed.

Half the blocks are Friend Julie‘s backgrounds and half are Adrienne’s. The top four rows are Adrienne’s backgrounds and Julie’s circles. The bottom four rows are Julie’s background and my circles.

Adrienne's blocks with Julie's circles
Adrienne’s blocks with Julie’s circles

I decided to look at them together as I moved Julie’s off the design wall. It turned out that I needed to put Adrienne’s blocks on the design wall to select the fabrics for the second round of circles.

I only had cut about 10 squares to make circles for Adrienne’s blocks. I thought I had cut all I needed, but I am glad I didn’t. I ended up looking at each block to decide what it needed.

My first thought was to lighten it up.

Orange You Glad Applique’

Julie's Orange You Glad - 1st round
Julie’s Orange You Glad – 1st round

I spent Saturday getting down to Orange You Glad business. I had started the applique’, but needed to get it done as I wanted to send the package to Adrienne on Tuesday. I had some other packages to mail and wanted to make one trip.

These are Julie’s backgrounds and my fabrics for the circles. I am pleased with how they look.

This is also the large first quilt I have put up since my design wall was re-installed.

Red Scribbles Finished

Red Scribbles completed
Red Scribbles completed

I finally finished Red Scribbles about two weeks ago. It is has been go-go-go here, so I didn’t post until now.

I only had to finish the binding, which shouldn’t have taken very long except that I am not getting a lot of handwork done since we are working on the giant puzzle. I also had some other handwork projects with firm deadlines.

I started this quilt in 2016 after doing the January challenge for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club.

This quilt took a long time to come together, but I am really pleased with how it came out. As a result, I am now teaching the bias tape technique as part of my basic quiltmaking class. I haven’t written up a tutorial, so you’ll just have to pay me to teach you!

Red Scribbles Completed - back
Red Scribbles Completed – back

I think this might constitute the start of a series. I gave another quilt to my SIL when DH’s brother died and now I have given this quilt to my husband’s sister and her husband. Of course, my sister has received at least two quilts.

SIL and BIL came over to get it close to their anniversary. Too bad I was teaching when they eventually showed up, because I didn’t get to hear their comments. DH handled everything and got photos as well, so it was fine.

This quilt has encouraged me to get back to Who Am I? Instead of doing a lot of satin stitching for the words, I plan to use bias tape. I have to experiment with widths of bias tape.

For now, I am pleased that I am moving forward.


Mini Dresden

Mini Dresden Plate
Mini Dresden Plate

We will be doing Dresden Plates in class next week (we are off for Thanksgiving, which gives me more time to prep), so I made a mini Dresden Plate. It is a little different from the tutorial I created before. Mostly it is different because I made the ends of the petals pointy rather than round. I might make a short tutorial talking about making pointy petals. We’ll see.

This Dresden Plate is a little larger than 7 inches in diameter. Petals were relatively easy to make. I sort of used the tutorial on the V& Co website, but really I just looked at the sizes and they type of wedge then did my own thing. It could have gone very wrong, but I got lucky. I am going to use this as an applique on a Sew Together Bag I am making.

Red Scribbles Top & Back Ready to Quilt

Red Scribbeles Top Finished
Red Scribbles Top Finished

I made a big push and got the top and back ready for the quilter. I am very pleased.

The last piece of bias binding didn’t go as planned. I thought I would applique’ a really long piece all across the top. It didn’t quite work out as I hadn’t planned ahead an there wasn’t a clear path. I filled in some large-ish spaces on each side, but that’s it.

Red Scribbles back finished
Red Scribbles back finished

I delved into my backing fabrics for the back. i didn’t have to do too much fussy piecing so the back didn’t take forever. I am really glad this is done and hope to put something lighter and cheerier up on my design wall very soon.

Red Scribbles – First Hurdle

Red Scribbles - mid-August
Red Scribbles – mid-August

I spent some time yesterday working on the Red Scribbles quilt top. I made good progress and am now ready to put the whole top together.

I cut one last rectangle and appliqued bias strips on the rest of  the individual rectangles. I am happy about my progress. I am hopeful that I can finish the top and the back this week, but things seem to be taking longer lately, so we will see.

More Scribbles

Red Scribbles - early August
Red Scribbles – early August

I spent a lot of time over the weekend appliqueing bias tape to the Red Scribbles quilt. I feel like I am making good progress and may be done with the top this week.

I was thinking about the red and what a pain the joins are. I wonder if a more tightly woven fabric would work better. I am kind of interested in trying it, though not on such a large piece.

More Red Scribbles

Red Scribbles - mid-week progress
Red Scribbles – mid-week progress

I made more progress the other day. When I think about this project, I don’t want to work on it. When I actually work on it, I don’t mind it. It’s weird, but I think it comes from not working on the right project at the right time.

Obviously, work is getting done on this, however I am not working on it as quickly as I had hoped. I want to work on something else, something with more mind sorbet type of piecing. Perhaps one of the Vanessa Christensen patterns using her ombre fabric that has been sitting around waiting for my attention? I want to work on something easy and fun and not as dark.