2007 UFO Report

Once again, in 2007, I have been sewing and making progress. I thought I would, again, inventory my UFOs and see if I made any progress since my previous roundup post of December 27, 2006. But first, I want to tout my accomplishments. 😉

Completed Pieces in 2007

  • Nosegay: binding still needs to be hand stitched on, but I consider this to be complete
  • Serendipity Puzzle: binding and sleeve still need to be hand stitched on, but I consider this to be complete. I look forward to giving it to the baby for whom it was made.
  • Sharon’s quilt: done and delivered.
  • Thoughts on Dots: done and on the bed. Had a brief outing at the San Mateo County Fair.
  • 5 Teacher Pillows

I thought there were more, but 4 is a respectable number of quilts to complete while working two jobs, blogging, being a parent and taking care of elderly rellies, etc.


As mentioned last year, this list in no way implies that I will discontinue starting new projects or finish any of these.

Here is my list of UFOs. You can see many of them over at Artquiltmaker.com or look at the links I have provided.

  • Baskets: based on a quilt TFQ and I saw at PIQF. We will work on this together as we get together, so I am not so uptight about this project.
  • Bullseye: Still have those directions for doing the border the way I want it (the directions I found late last year). Asked TFQ to help me. No progress in 2007
  • Flowering Snowballs/Cross Block quilt: this is one that moved from the idea stage to the UFO stage. Hooray! Progress! Recently, after a month or so of no progress, I am back at it. I currently have about 16 blocks done and the potential for many more!
  • Garden from Pamela Allen class: needs hand embroidery and embellishment
  • House and Garden from Pamela Allen class in May 2007: needs hand embroidery and embellishment
  • Laura Wasilowski Flower Garden from LW (CQFA) class in July 2007: needs hand embroidery and embellishment
  • He Tried to Make it Up to Her: needs back and to be quilted. This is probably a quilt I will want to quilt myself. TFQ has dug out a number of quilts, but I don’t know if this was one of them. No progress in 2007
  • Her Eyes were Bigger than Her Stomach: needs a back and to be quilted. Very active quilt; probably not the best design, but a mile marker in the quiltmaking journey and an excellent learning experience. No progress in 2007
  • Kissy Fish: ongoing hand beading project. Progress made, but not complete
  • Leaf Friendship quilt: Before 2007 started I said “needs something that I don’t have; candidate for abandonment; sad, though, because it is a friendship quilt.” This may be coming up, because the fabric closet is, as we say in German, an der Reihe. I have to clean that pit out as I can barely walk into it. This means that candidates for abandonment may finally be abandoned. No progress in 2007
  • Pineapple: All blocks are done. Need to put them together. Facing the reality that some blocks are much too large and trying to figure out how to move forward. I think I may be prepared to remake some of the blocks
  • Pointillist Palette 4: Night: This is the fourth (of six) in a series of Pointillist Palette fabric by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka that was popular a number of years ago. No progress in 2007
  • QA Challenge Quilt: need to fuse the parts and rubber stamp the words.
  • See: started in a David Walker class. Needs fusing, satin stitching around fused pieces and quilting. No progress in 2007
  • Self Portrait from Pamela Allen class: needs hand embroidery and embellishment
  • Solid Star Friendship Quilt: need more friends so they can make stars for me in solids with black. No progress in 2007
  • Spiderweb: foundation pieced project, still piecing. Need to create the templates for the border blocks. Aside from collecting more strips, no progress in 2007
  • The Tarts Come to Tea: Last year I said that I needed inspiration. TFQ and I talked about this quilt a bit and I got some ideas on how to proceed. It really always helps to discuss with someone who has a design sense. No progress in 2007
  • Women’s Work 2: last year I said that this quilt “needs focus.” Was inspired and have the design. This years words for this quilt: needs execution!

On My Mind
Here are the quilts I am thinking about. Some are on the list from last year. In some cases I have purchased fabric, but no sewing has been done, so they are not yet considered UFOs.

This pattern could be be purchased from Quiltworks Northwest, but it seems to be no longer available. Make it yourself!

  • San Mateo County Fair Dot quilt
  • Paper pieced Nativity scene: I downloaded this pattern when it was free a few years ago and have never gotten up the energy to be as organized as I need to be to make this, but I still want to make it. You can find the pattern, for purchase, at Paper Panache.com
  • Interlocking triangles #4: love the techniques and have at least one, if not two, idea[s] for more
  • Dot quilt with inset circles a la Ruth McDowell: more uses for dots and a good exercise in piecing
  • Feathered Star dot quilt from Summer issue of Quilts & More: more use for dots
  • Some kind of pink quilt with all the pink fabric I have been buying
  • Colorblocks 3: I want to use this pattern from Sandy Bonsib, but have silk fabric with a luscious sheen instead of the regular cottons. Background will be cotton sateen. What’s holding me up? Backing all the silk. I have the backing and just can’t bring myself to do it.
  • I Spy quilt for DS: hexagons and many of the triangles are cut. I just have to start piecing them. TFQ continually comes to the rescue as she continues to cut pieces for me.
  • Garden Quilt: I have been collecting photos and patterns of interesting flowers for years and have always wanted to make some kind of garden or flower quilt. It will probably be something like The Tarts Come to Tea.
  • Jack’s Chain: I saw a quilt of this pattern years and years ago and have always wanted to make one. Probably at least a partial hand piecing project.
  • P&B Pop Parade quilt a la Serendipity Puzzle
  • Bathroom ‘quilt’ out of heavy clear plastic. I want to make pockets that I can put interesting things in that won’t get waterlogged. I also think the stitching would be an interesting addition to the piece.


  • I am trying to be more about the process of quiltmaking than the finished product.

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