Timtex is Gone

In my travels I came across the fact that the manufacturer has stopped making Timtex. I have only used Timtex once to make a bowl, but I have been thinking about making more bowls and now I don’t know what I will use. The Craftapple has reviewed various options for stiffening boxes and bowls.

Ah, the Demise of Timtex – Updated

In the wake of the demise of Timtex I’ve been doing a little stabilizer research.  I purchased a several online nd played around with some from JoAnn’s and I’m posting my findings here.  The contestants:

1) Peltex 70.  Available at JoAnn’s for under $5/ yard.  It comes in 22? width.  This is a nice product, but thinner and more flexible than Timtex.  When I use this in the bottom of a bag, I’ll often sew 2 layers together for the stability that I want.  Peltex 71 is fusible on 1 side and Peltex 72 is fusible on 2 sides.  They get thicker and pricier as you add a layer of glue.

2) Stiffy.  This is not a comparable substitute for Timtex.  It is very similar to Peltex 70.  It is so very cheap at less than $2/yard but you’ll have to pay shipping if you can’t find it locally which brought my order to about $4/yard.  It comes on a roll and is about 20? wide.  One drawback is when I ironed it, my sewing room started to smell like a barnyard.  :(

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2 thoughts on “Timtex is Gone”

  1. I’ve never done anything that needed Timtex, although who knows what the future holds. I’ll worry about it if the occasion ever arises. But for now, I just can’t get past a company thinking it was a good idea to call their product “stiffy”. Yes, I’m twelve years old.

  2. Yes, the description is unfortunate. Obviously, they didn’t do much “cultural research”. I suspect that enough of a ruckus will be created to have someone else pick up the manufacture of it. Time will tell.

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