Word of the Day: Reflection

“True stillness comes naturally from moments of solitude where we allow our minds to settle” is one of the lines in the reading on reflection for today. This is the feeling I find in my workroom: solitude, peace, positive ideas, possibilities. It does not come easily and having only bits of time to work is not conducive to finding that state of stillness where I can “listen” (??) to my creativity. Also, if I have not engaged in some kind of tidying (ablution??) before leaving my workroom the last time or before starting this newest session, and the place is a wreck, that stillness does not want to join me. Frankly, I don’t blame it!

I find that my mind leaves the dustballs and junk behind when I touch fabric, cut and sew. My mind begins to shake off the cobwebs of everyday life and bureaucracy and finds the space to see new ideas the longer I work.

The book also says “neither water nor the moon make any effort to achieve a reflection. In the same way, meditation will be natural and immediate.” For me, stillness takes time. I have found over the past couple of weeks of being free work and freeing myself from the must-dos has allowed me to work better. I didn’t ask it to come, it just came after a certain period of time. I was able to see quickly that the Hop, Skip & Jump pattern was not achieving my goal. I think it was, partially, because I had so much time to think about my colors and their relationship; to engage in the creative process. That is worthwhile.