Word of the Day: Forbearance

bearing their fortune*

“We may have great fortune or bad, but we should patiently bear both.” Trees bear what comes: the weather, development, etc. We may receive criticism on our work – fair and unfair, correct and incorrect, astute and not. We must bear it, but not let it change us. It should inform us, but not change us. “No matter what, we must always be true to our inner selves” and the direction we want our work to take.

I think it is important for me to consider that I don’t have to only bear things that happen to me; that I can also direct new things to happen. I think what the book is saying is that things happen and we have to take them (absorb them??) and that we shouldn’t fret and worry and rend our garments as a result. We should learn from them, too.

*I may, on certain days, post words related to the word of the day, or even only brief thoughts. Some words are harder than others!

Stephanie Metz Upcoming Sculpture Exhibit

Stephanie Metz is having an upcoming exhibit of her felted wool scuplpture. I prefer her Figurative Studies of women over her animal work, but it is very interesting to see in person. Email her directly for more information.

From: Stephanie Metz [mailto:stephaniegmetz@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 10:03 PM
To: Stephanie Metz
Subject: Stephanie Metz Upcoming Sculpture Exhibit

I am very pleased to have my new felted wool sculpture Super Suckler included in the upcoming exhibit Natural Blunders. Come say hello at the opening reception on January 24th, or check out images of the work at www.stephaniemetz.com.


Stephanie Metz


The de Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University presents

Natural Blunders

January 24 – March 20, 2009

Like artists throughout history, those in the Natural Blunders exhibition use nature as a departure point for compelling and resonant works of art. Uniquely, the Natural Blunders artists address the historically antagonistic relationship between humans and nature, highlighting the recent trends toward cloning and aggressive breeding techniques. In this exhibition, you will see a broad range of responses toward the environmentfrom veneration to more critical responses toward our traditionally Western adversarial relationship to nature. Ultimately, the works in Natural Blunders can be viewed as an artistic rebellion against what is essentially a world out of balance.

Curator Karen Kienzle

Opening Reception

Saturday, January 24, 2009, 6:008:00 P.M., free

Featured Artists:

Alastair Bolton, Cheryl Coon, Lauren Davies, Susan Felter, David Hevel, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Misako Inaoka, Ernest Jolly, Michael McConnell, Stephanie Metz, Paul Paiement, Jane Rosen, John Slepian, Kathryn Spence, Tara Tucker, Sarah Wagner, Gail Wight

Also on view:

Futurefarmers: Nearby Nature and Flora and Fauna from the de Saisset Museums Permanent Collection curated by the SCU Biology Department

de Saisset Museum

Santa Clara University

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95053-0550




TuesdaySunday, 11:00 AM 4:00 PM

Closed Mondays

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