Word of the Day: Time

” We must understand how the past affects us, we should keep the present full of rich satisfying experiences, and we should devote some energy each day to building for the future…so too should we consider the whole of our time when deciding how to spend our lives.”
While the quote obviously applies to saving money, and taking care of your health, buying fabric sprang immediately to mind.
Sometimes I go through a bin of fabric and wonder why I bought that particular yardage.
Sometimes I look at the fabric that I have and think that it is a hassle, because it is somewhat disorganized and I can’t always find what I want/need.
Often I look at fabric ads in magazines and think about what I could make with that fabric. Time factors into tthose dreams, because I would need time to go buy the fabric and make the project. It also makes me think of building up my dreams as well as my stash of fabric when acquiring new colors and patterns.
Buying fabric is about the past, present and the fugure, because it reflects who I was and the dreams I had when I bought the older fabric. It also reflects who I am in this time and space and the projects I am working on now. I am also building dreams and projects for the future.
I want to incorporate those fabrics from the past into current projects even if I use it in some way that wasn’t the original intention. I don’t want them to be discarded, because they are not me now.