Little Bag

My sister asked me to make her a cute bag to carry her retainer around in. I thought she was being totally revolting at first, but she showed me that the retainer has a case.

This is kind of the gift bag pattern, but I lined it using the same technique as the tote bags, because I wanted to see how lining the gift bags would work. It turned out to be too small for her purposes, but it was a good learning experience.


  1. Measure
  2. For a bag this small use thinner lining fabric
  3. Make the main part of the bag the size of the object that will go into it, then add on the measurements for the ribbon and the piece above the ribbon.

At least she likes the fabric, which is good since I am making her a tote bag out of the same fabric. I have the correct measurements and will make another one to send to her.