Done with Blue

These are the fabrics that I started with. As I was cutting the FOTY pieces, They fell together and, as I said, I wanted to do something calm and quick-ish with them. I still like the fabrics together.

Here are all the pieces cut out and ready to sew. The contrast between the two photos (first photo above and the photo directly above) is striking. The photo of the cut pieces does not convey the look I was seeking at all. I think the dots was the right background choice from among the three I pulled, but I think the background strips should have been thinner.

Above is one pieced block.

Above are 6 completed blocks. I decided that these blocks are the sum of the Hop Skip and Jump blocks I will make. I am not getting the look that I want with this pattern. The blocks are pretty small and I would have to make at least 24 more to get a lap quilt. This is more of utilitarian quilt pattern and I am not interested in making it as a wall hanging. I enjoyed the sewing, but when it was time to cut more pieces I couldn’t face the work and decided to cut my losses. Perhaps I will make someone some small placemats since I didn’t sew the blocks together.

Tomorrow I am making a tote bag!

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

3 thoughts on “Done with Blue”

  1. better to know what’s not working for you and “get out” early in the process πŸ™‚

    The blocks themselves are nice — very usable elsewhere for a different project — hopefully one that’ll make the heart pitter patter…

  2. Donna: yes, I agree and I feel good about getting out early. Making this decision feels more like part of the process than a failure. I don’t hate the blocks or the pattern; they just aren’t what I wanted.

    Jeanne: putting them on the back is a good idea. For the moment, I am thinking about them, but soon they are going away to the project box.

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