Avoidance Issues

I was on my blog and directing traffic and tweaking a lot during the past three or four days. The blog move has been somewhat time consuming, but is mostly done, and worth the effort so far. One of the things I did was scroll through recent posts about four hundred times. In doing that it dawned on me that I was in avoidance mode because nothing I posted was quilt-related.

Origami Train Dude


More Sketches

None of that is quilting and since the blog is about quilting, I needed to get back to it before all of you got fed up and went and read some other blog. I needed to take stock and figure out what was going on.

It turns out, after a little investigating it is all about The Tarts Come to Tea. I faced up to reality that I am really in avoidance mode over that project. Some of the issues I discussed about change of focus in a previous post are so true with this project. I am not enthused with machine applique right at the moment and I want/need to redo several of the blocks, because they don’t fit my current interest or style. It just seems depressing. The sad part is that every time someone enters my workroom they gush over it and say how wonderful it is, which enhances the guilt factor. Bleah.

Design Wall 2/22/2009
Design Wall 2/22/2009

I was able to avoid a bit more this weekend, because I realized that my longarm day is next Monday and I haven’t done the back for the Eye Spy project, so the back had to go to the front burner.  My quiltmaker SIL was also in town so I spent some time at Always Quilting with her. Fabrics 2/20/2009I  bought the fabrics above. The smaller pieces were all in a pack that I had been coveting for awhile. I got home to find buyers remorse waiting for me, though, because when I unwrapped them, some of the fabrics are a bit off the colors I thought they were. I was thinking of doing something like the Yellow Brick Road (from Terri Atkinson) quilt with them. I still am, but will have to go shopping in my stash to replace some of the greens.  More piecing, you notice and not machine applique’.

I was able to continue to avoid the Tarts on Saturday because of family obligations, which isn’t to say I haven’t been working on them at all.

Tarts block layout drawing 2/19/2009 (middle right)

This is the layout/design drawing for the block in the middle on the right of the photo of my design wall above. It has a green background. What I decided was that I would make one block and see how I felt about the project afterwards. I need to find my notes on machine applique’ – or ask someone – because I can’t remember what method I used or any method, frankly.

I feel a strong need to make some kind of effort, but this piece is definitely teetering on the verge of abandonment.

I have learned something about myself since I dragged The Tarts out. Leaving quilts laying around with the top half finished doesn’t always work for me. I need to think about bring them to a logical stopping point (e.g. the top and back are done and are waiting on quilting).

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8 thoughts on “Avoidance Issues”

  1. sounds like useful learnings, but not a fun way to come by them. Hope you’re able to move forward with the tarts, wether that’s compelteing it or recycling it back into the stash or giving it away… whatever. It’d be a shame if it keeps you from quilting in general

    1. Hi Donna,
      Glad you made it over here!

      Yes, I need to figure out whether this will be finished or not and move on. I don’t want to be avoiding quiltmaking.

  2. Your fabric colors always make me smile. 🙂

    Sometimes I think I am relieved to be trying this full time job because it gives me an excuse to avoid working on a quilt project.

    Thanks for the input on my blog about management too. 🙂

  3. What is wrong with the greens? Too yellow? They are certainly cheerful. The easiest way I have found to applique is to use a bit of fusible web to stick the applique to the background then satin stitch around the perimeter. But then I like a finished edge.

    1. Yes, I think the greens are too dark, but too yellow also. I may play with the ratios of amounts of colors. I also have some dots that I want to add that may make them work.

      I figured out the process for machine applique’ and did use fusible web. Blog post to follow.

    2. I like to satin stitch around the edge also. I don’t believe that the fusible will last by itself, especially since mine sits around for years before I do anything with it.

  4. The problem with fusible web is that it gums up the needle if you try to quilt through it. Some brands are worse than other. I agree that it won’t keep the applique attached for long but some just zig zag around the edge and some straight stitch around the edge to give it more dimension. Frankly those finishes make my fingers itch.
    I like the value of the greens, it is nice to have a variety of values. And they pick up the green of the cherry leaves. Should be fun to play with the ratios.

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