Learning Something New

It is always a good day when I learn something new. Yesterday I learned out to make a facing, made a facing and am thrilled! Maureen, a quiltmaker whose work I greatly admire, was making a facing at the CQFA Retreat. She pointed me to Jeri Riggs’ directions later.

A facing is a way of finishing a quilt so that the edging (binding) does not show on the front. You may not always to want a frame (binding) around your quilt. This is a design element that will work with some pieces. I think that this technique will work for a number of my Pamela Allen pieces.

I learn best when someone shows me how to do something, so reading the directions and trying to make the facing left me scratching my head in confusion. I finally called Maureen and she walked me through the process. She sprinkled in a few tips and tricks she has added to the web directions.

It isn’t difficult at all. It reminds me of making a tote bag the first time. Once you do it, you know it and can make the process your own.

This means that the House & Garden Quilt is done! YAY!

House & Garden, finished May 16, 2009
House & Garden, finished May 16, 2009

Well, it still needs a label and I need to decide about a sleeve.

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8 thoughts on “Learning Something New”

    1. After your fabulous directions, Maureen, the actual work was easy. I am glad I did it on a small piece to start with, because it went pretty quickly and I was able to finish in one session/day, essentially.

    1. Terri: Thanks so much for the kind comments. I’ll bring it in July. I should have a label and a sleeve by then.
      Julie: the facing rocks and the directions are much harder than making the actual facing!

  1. Beena: Maureen kind of walked me through it over the phone, which was 2d best if I couldn’t be shown. I’d love to k now which mag you saw it in.
    Julie: I will post a mini-tutorial to my blog, but will be happy to show you! I think these quilts work well as themselves rather than with a binding. It gives them a more artlike appearance, I think.

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