Making Inspiration Your Own

Batik Fabric, detail
Batik Fabric, detail

So, this post is about what inspiration can do for you if you look at an inspiring object you long enough. I have been in that kind of mood lately. The “What if” mood. The light has been the way I like it, too, not too glary and not too grey. I have been seeing everything through this light and have been inspired by it all lately. The machine quilting I did on Beach Town last weekend was a direct result of some lines I saw while driving the previous Friday. It is a good reminder for me to look around.

I pulled this batik out of the blue bin for the variety of projects that require blue. For some reason, it ended up on my desk with the detail (left) front and center. For days it lay there. For days I looked at it. For days it lurked in my peripheral vision.

Then, the other night, I just sat down and drew it. When in doubt, what else do you do?

Drawing the Blue Batik
Drawing the Blue Batik

This is what I drew. It doesn’t look the same without the color, other motifs and thicker lines. Still, I like the various elements. It is clear to me that having a variety of sizes of tips on my black pens would be very helpful.

In looking at this version, I wondered what the design would look like if I straightened the lines out a bit.

Blue Batik Extrapolation
Blue Batik Extrapolation

In the drawing to the left, I started too far to the right and had to cut off my drawing. I am trying to go with the process and be flexible. Again the thickness of the pen was a problem for me, but I can always do the drawing again later with a  thicker pen.

I thought I was finished, so I put the drawing book away and folded the fabric, though I left it on my desk. The way I folded it, however inspired me further.

Batik Ice Cream Cone
Batik Ice Cream Cone

I folded the fabric so that the detail motif (blue, above) was almost exactly in half. It made me think of a symmetrical version of the design. tried what was on my mind. Even though I didn’t finish the whole thing, I can see what I was envisioning. I just wanted to get the idea on paper.

As you can see, looking at something over a period of time can make your mind work with the inspiration in different ways.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

3 thoughts on “Making Inspiration Your Own”

  1. Your drawings are really inspiring, and it’s nice to see you keeping up with it.

    And I think the thinner pen tips will help you with your quilting (more than a fat tip), this way you can pretend it’s a thread sewn line.

    😀 eirdre

  2. Sherri: thanks! Pamela told me I had a style, which really pleased me!
    Deirdre: It takes so long to fill the page with a thin pen, though. Your point about thread line is well taken.

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