FOTY 2009 Progresses

FOTY blocks, August 2009
FOTY blocks, August 2009

Slowly, but surely the FOTY 2009 blocks are stacking up. I doubt that FOTY 2009 will be as large as FOTY 2008, however I consider it to be more complex so smaller is better. I know I know, sewing in addition to cutting is part of the quiltmaking process and doesn’t necessarily constitute ‘complex.’

😉 I just like to see if you are paying attention sometimes.

As I said before, these blocks make great warm up blocks before a serious bout of sewing, so that is what I did on Saturday after getting the 9K set up again.  If you look at the photo in Sunday’s post, you can see one of the green blocks under the feed dogs.

I decided not to combine the two Ginger Blossom prints that I used in the Striped Tote with Flowers and the Flowered Tote with Stripes. They already had enough cavorting and will get some more time to do so when I make the quilt for which I have been collecting fabric. I really like the effect of the dots with the flowers.

FOTY detail pink
FOTY detail pink

I had some hot pink dots that I hadn’t yet made into a block, so I used that with the flower print. Haven’t done anything with the stripes. I need to press some more fabric and then we’ll see what transpires.

I do really like that pink Gigner Blossom flower print for some reason. It makes me feel happy.

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    1. Thanks! It was hung REALLY high and I had to use Photoshop Elements to lighten it up enough for people to see it. I didn’t change the colors. The blocks are made from 1930s reproduction fabrics.

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