Nosegay: Finally, Completely, Really Finished

The Nosegay is finally finished.

The binding is on. The piecing is finished. The sleeve has been handstitched on to the back. It is a large quilt, so I will have to post it again after I get a professional photo taken.

I finished sewing the sleeve on to the back while watching The Queen last Saturday night while the boys were gone. I had to watch some of the bonus features (sadly, no deleted scenes) in order to get the last bit done.

So many “hands” have touched this work. By that I mean I have received so much help with this project: TFQ, quiltmakers from CQFA, Doreen Speckman, the teacher of the class in which I started the project, Colleen.

I am thrilled to have a finished project – a quilt project.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

9 thoughts on “Nosegay: Finally, Completely, Really Finished”

  1. Wow! You did it! The quilting really looks great on it. That is such an enormous quilt, may it keep you and DH warm for many years to come.

    My word verification is: Shump
    Which should mean something, what a great word!

  2. Deirdre: I am trying to sew a lot. Theoretically I have more time for a bit and I am trying to use it wisely. Also, that UFO list from the end of December made me choke. I have to work on finishing or mindfully abandon some projects.

  3. Julie: I am thrilled and I think DH and will enjoy the change to this quilt in the spring. I may not haul it out for use yet. I am thinking of entering it into PIQF — or somewhere. We’ll see.

    Shump is a great word. Let’s think something up that it can mean and start using it. We can be our own Sez You.

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